“I live in New York and Toronto, but it doesn’t matter where I live, really, because wherever I am when my hair needs to be done, I fly to Atlanta. I have travelled there from Los Angeles in the middle of shooting a TV series, from Seattle in the middle of a tryout of a Broadway musical, from Williamstown while performing a play, from Florida while visiting my dad, from Maine while hiking the trails of Arcadia. Regardless of where I am, if it is time to get my hair cut, I board a plane for Atlanta. That’s where my hairstylist lives and works. Pascal Bensimon is his name. Pascal, of Pascal Bensimon Haute Coiffure.”

Andrea Martin

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“I have searched for several years to find the most talented, admired, and internationally known experts to teach my employees something new and better than what they had been doing before. I found the ideal expert, Pascal Bensimon.... Few people possess his gifts of talent, personality, and devotion to excellence in his craft. His haircutting and styling abilities, insightful and motivating instruction, and charisma have made him a highly sought-after expert by clients and hairdressers alike.... I discovered that the French haircutting technique is what my company needed to maintain our leadership position in the market.... His workshops have significantly impacted the success of my business by enhancing my hairdressers’ understanding and abilities of the highly specialized French haircutting and styling techniques.... I cannot say enough about Pascal. He truly is in the top few percent of his profession.... I am honored to know him and be a recipient of his incredible gift of creativity.”

Gene Juarez

Gene Juarez Spas & Salons, Seattle


“I have an extensive background in the top hair salon industry. I have seen them all. I have never seen anyone more talented than Pascal Bensimon. After I was introduced to his extraordinary ability as a hairdresser, I employed him to educate my staff in the new wave of hair design – “The French Way.” ...The designs and styles that left my salon were only equal to the inspiration he gave my staff. They had truly met a master of their craft and his approach to hairdressing had taken them to a talent level they had always dreamed about.”

Kenneth Anders

Kenneth's Hair Salons & Day Spas, Ohio


"Pascal comes with a renowned international reputation as one of the world’s best teachers. More importantly, Pascal brings all of his talents with sincerity and love and dedication to his craft. His professional commitment to growth and learning is remarkable.”

Suzanne Szabo

“Mr. Bensimon has a special gift; and he is a great teacher. L’art de LaCoupe... will be a tremendous leap forward in our industry.”

John Santiago

John Santiago Beauty Salon & Spa, Key West, Florida

“Pascal is a person of outstanding ability. Not only is he one of a very select few in the profession capable of this high degree of competence, but because of his unique artistic ability, he is now nationally and internationally known in the hair styling community as one of the best.”

Les Madden

Magnum Opus, Portland, Oregon


"Top salon in Atlanta and best hair colorist I ever met. Thank you for this color and highlights!"

Ashlee Thompson