Increase your salon’s services and heighten your sense of style with this unique course that teaches the relationship between cut and color. Pascal will teach you the best haircut techniques to ‘color’ your cuts as well as how to successfully turn your cutting clients into color clients and vice versa.


The world of hair color is becoming more progressive every day as new products and techniques continue to revolutionize the way we view color. JUST COLOR is an interactive course that enriches your portfolio of color. Pascal will teach you the techniques such as Balayage.

Level One: Cutting Techniques

If you are attending our school for the first time, this is where you begin learning the basics of the world-renowned Pascal Bensimon cutting technique. Cutting Techniques is the first step in strengthening the foundation of your work. Creating a style by learning the proper cut and adapting that cut to each individual will be the beginning of your success.

The following subjects will be taught:

  1. Observation of the model
  2. Selection of the right style
  3. Design and technique of the cut
  4. Working position of the hands and body
  5. Rapid execution of the cut
  6. Styling options of the cut

Level Two: Advanced Techniques

Upon completion of Level One, Advanced Techniques teaches the more advanced aspects of Pascal Bensimon’s cutting technique and the importance of the client. Not only will your cutting and styling skills be well defined, but also your creativity will be inspired. You will also be taught the philosophy and fundamentals of the role that communication plays between you and the client.


Pascal would like to welcome you to come and observe a day’s work at Pascal Bensimon’s hair salon. Receive the knowledge and strategies on salon etiquette, client relations, and service techniques. A $250 deposit when you book and a $250 payment the day of the observation (for a total of $500) for one day. Call to book your observation at 404.364.0200.


Available dates: Pascal is available to teach, in your salon or his, on Sundays and Mondays.

When traveling he will leave Saturday evening to arrive and teach at your salon on Sunday. He will then depart Monday evening.

Cost:  $3,500 for a two day class

Advance Pay:  Sign up for three classes in advance and get a $500 discount on each class.



Private classes are available at the salon location for $1,500 per day. If paid in advance, the three classes will be $1,000. Morning demonstrations are available. Please call the salon for more information.

Book a Class Today:

Call us at 404.364.0200