Pascal’s journey to becoming the top hairdresser in Atlanta


Pascal’s international upbringing started from the time he was born in Casablanca, Morocco. He then spent most of his early years in Israel, before moving to Paris with his mother. 

“I was completely fascinated by the elegance and sophistication of the women in Paris,” he said. “Their beauty and fashion sense intrigued me, and I knew I wanted to be educated in hairdressing and runway shows.”

He made his way to Jacques Dessange International in France, where he sought training from the world-famous Bruno Pittini, the most influential hair designer of all time. Pascal had decided he simply had to work with him. 

“I approached him when I was only 17, and he told me that I was too young to assist him but to come back in two or three years and ask again,” he said. Instead he waited only one month and went back to him, as persistent as ever.

“I said, ‘I am back,’ and Pittini said, ‘OK, come back tomorrow and you can start.’ 

By the end of 1981, Pascal was working under Jean Louis David, a French hairdressing icon, and at the age of 24, Pascal opened his own salon in the heart of Paris, where he styled the hair of famous models, actresses, and celebrities. His work appeared on the covers of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Depeche Mode, Le Figaro, Madame, and Biba. A scant two years later, Pascal was awarded the “Editor’s Prize” (first place) at the Intercoiffure Dynamic Hair Show in Zurich, Switzerland, before 4,000 participants, media personalities, and fashion designers.

As much as he had created a name for himself in Europe, in 1995 he decided it was time to follow his lifelong dream and move his family to New York, where he thrived as an instructor and hairdresser at Jacques Dessange on famed Park Avenue. Pascal taught the techniques he had perfected in his European training to owners and students from around the country.

“I was working very, very hard and supporting my wife and four children when I was offered a position in Aspen,” Pascal explained. 

An opportunity to open a salon arose as well. Armed with a two-year contract and a very encouraging client in Aspen, Pascal again packed up the family and moved West to open Pascal Bensimon Haute Coiffure. 

“My family and I loved Aspen,” he said. “Its beauty, the outdoors, and the opportunity to experience life in a resort town.

As much as he enjoyed Aspen and his life and work there, he longed to open a salon in Atlanta. So, after four wonderful years in the mountains, he moved back east and launched his salon in Buckhead in November of 2006. Working alone with two assistants, he limits his clients to no more than 15 a day, allowing him to spend much more time with each person as he imagines and executes hair creations as varied as the individuals who sit in his chair.

Today, Pascal is reintroducing himself in the most elite and sophisticated hotel in Atlanta, the world-famous St. Regis on West Paces Ferry Road, now home to his new salon. This location is as elegant and special as each haircut Pascal gives to his clients.

A woman’s figure flows from the volume and layers in her hair…she can be transformed from head to toe by the way her hair is cut. Let Pascal recreate you. His work is his passion.